Richard L. Miller

Successfully Patented Products

US Patent Number 4496320
4496320 Connection of Tray to Dental Art

US Patent 4259635
4259635 Electrical continuity and voltage testing device having a pair of probes

US Patent 6502625
Bullet maker open
6502625 Hand Held Casting Device for Molding a Bullet

US Patent 4552269
4552269 Resealable Sealing Device

US Patenrt D497698
D497698 Grease Fitting Cleaner

US Patent 5237715
5237715 Boatswain Mate Five in One Tool

US Patent
5286020 Medicine Ball

US Patent 4654976
4654976 Ruler Belt Hanger

US Patent 5405041
Trash Buddy bag dispenser
5405041 Self Dispensing Trash Liner Pail

US Patent 7392925
7392925 Handheld Fluid Cooled Electric Solder Tweezers

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