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Inflatable Automobile Jack
View US Patent Number D739111

Inflatable Automobile Jack

Safety Return Idler Glove
View US Patent Number 90677381

Key Holder & Connector For A
Wireless Earpiece Device
View US Patent Number D727015

Key Holder & Connector For A Wireless Earpicece Device

Portable Digital Read Out Device
View More Info

Portable DRO Patent Pending

Drainable oil filter system and
method for draining oil from an engine
View US Patent Number 8522415

Patent 8522415

Tomato Tower with
Adjustable Support Trays View US Patent Number D691864 D691864

Aerodynamic Device for
trailers and the like (Utility)

View US Utility Patent Number 8550540

Aerodynamic Device for
trailers and the like (Design)

View US Design Patent Number D700111

Drain Clearing Kit

View US Patent Number D692195

Collapsible portable hunting blind

View US Patent Number D658779

Straight Shooter:Device for aiding
a person in urination

View US Patent Number 8261376


Portable hair dryer optimally
having a dual heating source

View US Patent Number 7913416


Method for the treatment of
sensorineural hearing loss with
donepezil hydrochloride (Aricept®) View US Patent Number 8012994

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