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Whether you've invented a new tool, designed a game, created an entire clothing line, or come up with the next "must-have" gadget, you need a patent to be able to protect your invention.  I am ready to help clients protect ideas big and small, and begin the process of marketing their ideas.
As a family business since 1926, we have the experience and knowledge necessary to help any inventor through the process of making their idea into a reality.
How to Obtain a Patent
Your copy of How To Obtain a Patent will include a wealth of information about the patent process, as well as all the forms you need to begin the process of protecting your idea.
Your First Step: The Preliminary Patentability Search
A patent search is the first step inventors need to take in order to protect their ideas.  Prices start at just $299, and include both a search, and an opinion on what type of patent is best for you.
Successfully Patented Products
Over the years, my clients have developed a huge variety of inventions, click here to see some of our success stories.
The Do's and Dont's of Patents
There are many ways to lose your rights.  Don't fall into any of these common traps.
Client Testimonials
See what some of my previous clients have said about my work.
Patents vs. Copyrights
They protect different creations,  and require different methods to protect your idea.  I am ready to help you whether you need a patent or a copyright.
Market Your Patent with Online Solutions
Get the most value from your Patent! Market it online either on our website, or your own domain! Learn more about our multi-tierd marketing solutions.
Frequently Asked Questions About Patents
The patent process can be intimidating to new inventors.  My office is committed to making the process as easy as possible for clients.
Patents obtained through my office since 1974
With over 80 years of experience, we've patented a huge variety of ideas.

Dos and Donts
The Do's & Dont's
of Patents

There are many ways to lose your rights.  Don't fall into any of these common traps.

Inventors with multiple ideas
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Patent Searches! 
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7 $140 $980
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9 $130 $1170
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$125 $1250
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How To Obtain a Patent

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